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Benefits of Working With Us

Low Minimum Order Quantities   
Don't place Big orders if you skeches and Idea about  your product, place as low as 30 pieces for ordering , but if you can sell them , ordering high quantities give you advantages in the cost.

100% Customization and Private Labeling   
You can customize every inch of your Apparel, Choice for Fabrics, Made to order manufacturing, select among many available printing methods, labeling choices and packaging designs.

Fast Turn Arround    
Lower than the industry standard turnaround time for customization of less than 2-3 Weeks

Competitive Pricing   
Don't need to pay to Middleman or agent. We are Factory and you have direct pricing to made your order.

Ethical Production: Sweat Shop Free Manufacturing   
All of our Products been made by highly qualified and experienced labor, they are paid 3 times more than the averaged industry. This Practice enhances the quality of the product and makes them work with their heart and soul.

Years Of Track Record   
Loyal Customer base of many clothing brands World Wide.

Personal Advisers   
Dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned who is responsible to work with you from design to Delivery of your goods.

Quick Communication   
With latest communication application, like SKYPE and WHATSAPP, you are always connected to your Relationship Manager.

Live Broadcast Of Your Production   
We believe that the customers should be aware of how their garment is being made, so we also give to our customer a live broadcast of production on request.



Fair Wage and Target Bonus(3x more wages than local labor rates
The Worker safety is High Priority
Pay 2x Overtime
Career and job security
No Child Labour

Ethical Manufacturing laws and protections enforced
Sweatshop free manufacturing

Quality control processes is Strictly  followed
QA Assurance to check on Quality Control process
Audit at each stage from Fabric to Accessories
Each product goes through quality checking at least 3 times before shipment.
Final Audit of Shipment to Pass or Fail
3rd Party Audits on Customer requirement.

Skype Face to Face meetings and communication with your manufacturer
Whatsapp to connect fastly anytime 24/7
Same language - less possibility for misunderstanding
Phone or e-mail Saves Travel Cost

Intellectual Property   
Strong copyright and intellectual property rights protections
Legal recourse if your idea or design is stolen long history of copyright and IP protections
All of your Design are patent to you.

Minimum Order Quantity   
Generally smaller minimums between 30 to 50 pieces per design

Fast turnaround: if a product sells much faster than expected, quick restock possible. 4 days from the time of shipment guaranteed through DHL or FedEx
2-3 Weeks lead time for an order from 30-50 Pcs


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